Little Champs Academy I
10127 Northwestern Ave
Franksville, WI 53126
Phone: (262) 884 4226
Fax: (262) 884 4230
eMail: director@littlechampswi.com
Early Childhood Education in Franksville, just West of Racine

Little Champs Academy I is located in Franksville, in the old Franksville School at 10127 Northwestern Avenue (Highway K). We have an unbelievably large and imaginative playground children of all ages enjoy.

An average day at Little Champs is filled with discovery, laughter, knowledge, exploration, wonder, experimentation, growth, and smiles. Life long friendships are found. Children are nurtured, individual characters are embraced, boundaries are tested and new limits are strived for. Here at Little Champs it is our mission to help your family, and child, in every way. We will not only assist them in their growing years but in gaining knowledge and purpose in life.

About Little Champs